Analysing Movement Workshop

Analysing Movement Workshop 2017

8-11 September 2017,, Switzerland

Jointly organized by ICST and IRCAM

The workshop is a meeting of a small group of researchers and artists collaborating on the topic of movement analysis/interpretation using technological and conceptual approaches. The overall goal is to jointly work through shared concepts and approaches, to evaluate specific technological implementations, and to formulate strategies for future developments and possible projects.

The workshop will bring together two academic research groups, the IMM team of the Institue for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST) at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), and the ISMM team of IRCAM (Paris, France), with selected invited researchers and artists. As both group developed similar tools for movement analysis, the workshop allows for discussing the following works currently developed at both institutions.

The ICST team (University of the Arts – Zürich) will evaluate the workflow developed with the Machine Learning Toolset and the possibilities for future directions and necessary expansions (algorithms and interfaces) to increase its flexibility and interoperability.

The IRCAM team will question current issues in movement technology for mediated interaction. In particular, we will evaluate the networked movement recognition tools developed in the Rapid-Mix project, and it could be further developed for shared practices and understanding of movements.

Bringing together the different expertise of the group, we wish to address methodological questions about cognitive and technological aspects of movement analysis research and concrete steps for larger project collaborations. Further we address on a theoretical level the fundamental topic of the dancer’s self-perception and possible approaches to (machine-) identification of general as well as idiosyncratic movement qualities.

The format of the workshop is that of the retreat: a group of (up to) twelve people spends up to four days collaborating. The activities comprise general discussions, smaller workgroup sessions, experimental/evaluation sessions and showings/discussions of findings.


ICST Jan Schacher, Daniel Bisig, Chikashi Miyama,

IRCAM: Frederic Bevilacqua, Hugo Scurto

Invited: Bertha Bermúdez, Scott DeLahunta, Anne Dubos, Hortense Kack


with support by ICST and ZHdK and the H2020 Rapid-Mix  (grant agreement No 644862), funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.